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Poiema: Women's Gathering No. 001.

A room full of laugher. Clincking glasses of mimosas. Heartwarming food. A time between sisters.

The first women’s gathering happened back in February 2019. What it started as a way to leave aside the pressure and the unfair expectations of Valentin’s Day for single women (I knew that many women found the holiday difficult) and to create a space for us to focus and celebrate our worth has become now a monthly gathering for women of all ages and all marital status to nurture ourselves celebrating creativity, femininity and sisterhood.

We had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Meltem Salb - who has now become a dear dear friend of mine- who beautifully documented the day , as well as Fanny Maillefer who had a makeup bar to highlight the natural beauty of all the attendees.

As a little gift, I had Nadia Zimmerli make tote bags for all the ladies with the message " You are altogether BEAUTIFUL my darling, BEAUTIFUL in every way"

Anna from Corcortez Floral gift us her beautiful plant-dyed silk ribbons to add to our bouquets. Such a beautiful little detail!!

At the end, everyone left feeling refreshed, inspired and pampered up, after a day full of creativity and conviviality! I couldn't have asked more for a first gathering!!!

For 2021 we want to take these gatherings a step further and be able to offer a few spots to refugee women, to those who have been trafficked or are getting out of prostitution, or women in difficult situations, so that they can enjoy a safe time to rest and receive love. I am still trying to figure out how to do that, in a dignified way for these women, so that they may come and gather as they are, without carrying visible labels.

If you want to be kept on the loop on our upcoming gatherings, make sure you sign up to our newsletter! And if you are a photographer or other creative that would like to collaborate with me on these gatherings, let me know! I’ll be thrilled to talk to you!

Much love,



Photography: Meltem Salb

Design, Catering and Floral Workshop: Avodah Living

Make up: Fanny Maillefer.

Tote Bags: Nadia Zimmerli for Avodah Living

Ribbons: Corcortez Floral