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Motherhood Floral Portraits

Just a few months ago, we finished renovating a space for our new studio, a dream longtime coming and for which we have been working since last December!

Our desire with this studio is not only to have a proper space to receive our clients, do our workshops and floral design, but also to have a safe beautiful place for people to explore creativity and to feel celebrated for who they are!

We also hope it will become a hub for collaboration, a place where other creatives can come and create! And the very first collaboration was with my friend, the talented photographer Meltem Salb.

The idea came up very spontaneously, just 2 weeks before Mother's Day, to do mini portrait sessions for women, either alone, with their husbands and/ or kids.

We quickly announced it and very soon we had 9 wonderful women signing up to come alongside their families. For some it was the very first time taking their portraits or having professional family photos.

I personally got teary-eyed several times during the weekend, as I heard stories of grandparents overseas getting these photos, as they have been unable to visit for years due to Covid restrictions. Or this session being such a gift as they celebrate the arrival of a newborn. Or as I witnessed the unique relationship between mother and child, husband and wife, grandparents with grandchildren. It was truly special and Meltem and I are so grateful we got to be part of all this beauty!

These photos are a testimonial of the importance of capturing precious moments of and for yourself, to celebrate womanhood, motherhood and family! To inhabit every moment and cherish the love and connection you have to yourself and to one another. To admire and share these moments for generations to come!

We couldn't resist to take the opportunity to get ourselves some family portraits too and it was the perfect time to announce that our family will be welcoming a new member soon! How exciting!

Aren't they precious! We can't wait to have another session! Christmas Portraits anyone?

Our next floral photo session will be on November 6th in Zurich and November 13th & 14th in our studio in Orbe, so save the dates!

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