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Love without barriers: an ethical & ethereal microwedding in Paris.

She fell in love. It may have been his cheer optimism, his handsome smile or his warmheartedness.

He fell in love. It may have been her subtle air of mystery, her fiery locks or her serein demeanor.

They fell in love and love was all it mattered. They had each other and their love and since, the sun shined a little warmer and the moon shimmered a little brighter upon their lives. Although their held hands were frowned and even mocked by many – yes, even today- , there was such a magnetism between them and their loving gaze grew stronger for each other each passing day.

Nothing else mattered other than the way they loved each other. The way their hands intertwined into courage and tenderness. The way they saw each other and the world. The way she held his face. The way he looked into her eyes.

Nothing else mattered. Only their trust. Their raw transparency with each other. The simple beauty of two lovers cherishing each other, without borders or frontiers.

And on that day, their unexplainable love- because what it is to explain about love after all- became an eternal promise.To have each other, to gaze at each other, to hold each other, to love each other, enduring whatever came their way with the same passion, the same tenderness and the same love.

I wrote those words right after I heard some racist words against an interracial couple, here in my own little quaint town of Orbe, Switzerland.

Today marks two years (goodness am I late blogging this!!!) since we hit the road to Paris to co-create a story full of depth and so relevant to our times!

The words before, became the storyboard, the thread that I followed when imagining this editorial.

But why Paris you may ask...For those that know me, I am passionate about social injustice, and particularly touched by the refugee plight. Well, one day I saw an Instagram post by Leïla Buecher, about Mohamed, a refugee who used to sleep in the streets in Paris, and who would dream about being a model. I knew in that moment that I wanted to work with Mohamed on this editorial. Both as a way to encourage him and to help him get closer to his dream. And so we drove all the way to Paris…

This editorial was conceived as a story of grace, highly inspired by the contrast between the sheer moonlight and the dark blue sky at dusk. I also drew inspiration from the use of "chiaroscuro" (strong contrasts between light and dark) in the Dutch Masters"s works.

Playing with different fabrics, like silk chiffon and silk velvets, and textures, we set out to accomplish a sense of lightness with warm intimacy and refined elegance. I wanted to create a feel of classic elegance and contemporary minimalism.

I created a #nofloralfoam installation for the ceremony, using foraged lunaria (that I forage on a trip to the South of France a few months prior) mixed with ranunculus, white genestra, allium, sweet pea, anemone, and some cymbidium orchids (from my Italian wholesaler. The same flowers were used both for the personal florals and the tablescape.

Most of all, it was important that every supplier I worked with on this editorial represented people and businesses engaged in social causes – who were passionate about sustainability.

Our photographer Marion knew how to work with natural light to capture everything perfectly – focusing especially on the lovers and their natural interactions.

The flawless make up and hair done by Manon, the silken perfection of Lou Simmonds of Luna Bea’s gowns, the beautiful accessories provided by Geraldine, the breathtaking and delightful cake made by Bouchra, the sensual and delicate curves of Leïla’s floral ring, the artistry and refined texture of Nora’s wedding stationery, the something blue designed by Emmy Scatterfield – every single element came together to beautifully illustrate our vision.

We aimed to create a story of a gentle and harmonious romance – but above all, a methapor for social justice and the celebration of love and beauty without barriers or conventions.

Today, Mohamed is a little closer to his dreams of becoming a model. He was signed by the Parisian agency New Wave Management and although France has not given him permanent status, he has already worked with Jacquemus, Balmain, Avellano and Jean Paul Gautier.

I firmly believe that it won’t be long before he is walking in some of the most prestigious fashion the runaways and we like to think that this beautiful editorial played a little part in making his dream come true.

We hope that this inspire and encourage all of you interracial | intercultural couples!

I stand with you, I see you and I celebrate your love!!! Cheers!

--- Eva


Photography: Marion Colombani

Creative Concept, Planning, Styling & Florals : Avodah Living

Models: Leonore Masson & Mohamed Shariif

Hair & Makeup Stylist: Manon Barta

Ring: Leïla Buecher

Paper Goods: Acqua & Ink

Cake: Bouchra Sugar Designer

Dresses: Luna Bea Bride via Melody Nelson Bridal and Luna Bea Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Emmy London Official

Accessories: Earrings by Maison Sabben & Naturae Design. Pearl Ring by MAM -

Location: Plateau Red Art Studio

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