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Two years ago, as the vision for Avodah Living was taking shape, I started to craft an idea for an editorial to launch our company. The theme, ‘Beauty out of Brokenness’ came to me, inspired by the japanese art Kingsugi (Golden Repair). In this art form, broken pottery gets repaired with lacquer mixed with gold, highlighting the cracks and repairs and making the object more valuable and unique. I thought it was such a beautiful image for marriage and life in general!

I approached my friend Noémie of Take a Breath Photography knowing that she was so talented to capture what I was imagining but also that we share so many values in life and art.

Two photoshoots were born, completely different, but with the same essence: reimagining life with more beauty, strenght, grace, perseverance and love.

In the first one, I wanted to celebrate a woman, her resilience and her art, with a bohemian style, near to nature and very simple.

Elene, whom I met just some shorts months before, was to be the beautiful bride.

She is an asylum seeker along her family. Profoundly touched by her story, the difficulties and the incertitudes that she faces, but most of all by her personality and love for visual arts, I knew she would be perfect for the shooting..

I wanted to show her as strong and unique bride, one that laught even amisdt of challenges. Someone who is not defined by the label of ‘refugee’ and all her trials but who follows her passion for beauty and finds refuge in her art. A woman that, from a broken past can look to a future filled with beauty and hope.

Because the focus was the bride and her art, we wanted to keep everything very simple, doing the photo session at the garden Mille & Une Fleurs and a neighboring forest.

I crafted a lush bohemian bouquet, only using local seasonal flowers from the same garden, including dahlias, ireland bells, amaranth, cosmos, garden roses, ninebark and some other foraged bits.

I keep coming back to these images and seeing Elene’s bright smile, reminds me of hope. And joy.

Ps. Elene will have her first art exposition here in Switzerland! Awakening will be presented at Theatre La Tournelle, in Orbe, from March 22th till April 5th!!!!