A warm welcome to the Poiema retreat 2022! A fertile ground for mastering a lifestyle fuelled by rest, celebration and creativity. You will get to slow down, reflect and play while exploring what it means to live as a masterpiece of God’s creation. This year's retreat will be hosted in Casa Centofinestre,a luxurious and fully renovated country house situated in Filottrano, in the heart of the beautiful hills in the south of Le Marche, a region that offers the perfect opportunity to live an authentic and 'slow' experience. Marked by a minimalist design and a perfect mix of contemporary and vintage collections, the house is ideally located to visit Le Marche, from stunning nature reserves and beaches of Monte Conero and the Sibillini Mountains, as well as the rich and beautifully preserved medieval towns.

We chose this location, not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of the genuineness of the people, the excellence of the products of the earth and the richness and diversity of its history and art, which we are confident will help restore your inner peace, inspire you and refresh you.

This year’s program includes spending time with a diverse group of creatives who will provide a holistic nurturing experience for your spirit, body, and soul through culinary art, photography,

paper making, visual art, and more.



A wanderlust at heart and a dedicated creative, Meltem is originally from Munich but is currently  based in Zurich.
Photography has been her second language since she was little, giving her the opportunity to save moments for eternity.

She pours her heart and soul into every capture and always strives to develop a level of trust and emotional connection with the people she comes in contact with. Even if she is a city girl, she is also passionate about the great outdoors, and you will find her hiking, skiing, climbing or paddling when she doesn't have a camera in her hands.


Avodah Living

Embodies the sunny, warmth and beauty of Dominican Republic. While pursuing a law degree, she launched into the world of hospitality where she discovered a passion for creating welcoming spaces for people. She courageously quit law school and moved to Dunham, Canada where she spent six years mentoring and spear-heading the hospitality department of a non-profit organization.


On September twenty second 2012, she met Simon while finishing the dishes in Dunham. Since then, they’ve gotten married twice, moved to the land of cheese & chocolate, and welcomed their little warrior Matias. Eva is a dreamer, chef, dancer and catalyst. She loves to ignite action that transforms ideas into beautiful realities.


Coralie, daughter of the French Jura mountains, is curious and dynamic by nature. She enjoys discovering the world and drawing inspiration from it for her cooking. She lets her creativity roam with the seasons, transforming raw produce into healthy dishes filled with subtle flavours. Her motivation is to create moments of conviviality and sharing around the table.


That everyone feels nourished and happy! Passionate about education, she likes to share her knowledge about food. Her childhood in the countryside gave her a great sensitivity to nature. She likes to walk or ski there and contemplate all its beauty.  


A gifted visual artist, Nadia was born in the bustling and charming city of Rostov on Don, Russia. The youngest to be accepted in a Visual Arts School, she started to paint when she was only 6 years old and never has put her brushes down ever since. 

Nadia also loves to dance and was instructed for more than 10 years in classical and modern dance. Dreaming to recreate Renaissance in the modern art scene, she created in 2009 the Florence Classical Arts Academy training young people from all over the world to become professional artists. 

Having herself exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine and Europe, Nadia is also an accomplished designer and a passionate teacher. When she is not painting or teaching, she is gathering inspiration at museums, playing with her two boys or just experiencing the beauty and the simple pleasures of ‘la dolce vita’  in Italy. 


Avodah Living

Born in the quaint village of Orbe, Switzerland, Simon has lived in Brighton, Northern Ireland and Dunham Canada. For Simon carpentry started out as a way of making a living but over time morphed into a lifelong passion. From reviving old homes to building furniture, witnessing joy in the eyes of clients at the end of each work and sharing his knowledge with people ignites a great sense of purpose in him.

Simon is an autodidact and chameleon who is obsessed with wood, cats and deserts. An accomplished baker in his own right, he is generous, optimistic, kind, and the perfect example of ‘la joie de vivre’.


Academy of Paper Arts

Sandro Tiberi is a skilled craftsman and an expert in the art of making handmade paper. A “Mastro Cartaio“, as they said in Italy, who has been working in paper mills since 1985. An artist of paper, Tiberi is based in Fabriano, a town famous for its artisanal tradition of paper, which dates back to the 13th century.

A believer in manual work, traditional processes, and patience especially in quality as an element that requires time and care, he also organizes training courses, where in addition to his knowledge, he also passes on the love for this craft. His love for this art and teaching led him to the foundation of the Academy of Paper Arts in Fabriano, a significant project for the enhancement of this historic artisanal district.




With Eva Monnier from Avodah Living

Full of life and fragile at the same time, we can see flowers as a reflection of ourselves 


Following the intention of the impressionist artists and specially inspired by Monet’s flower paintings, we will create a floral meditation as a new way of contemplating things, focusing on natural light, shade, and colour. An invitation to observe and find the beauty of what surrounds us. 


With Eva & Simon Monnier from Avodah Living

The fast paced nature of the world today posses a real challenge for how people handle the demands of life. More and more we see people crumbling under the weight of anxiety, stress, and burnout. Slow living presents a concrete approach for addressing the desire that each one of us has to lead a more holistic lifestyle. It is a non-conformist attitude toward life that emphasises intentionality, simplicity and purposefulness.

Since food is at the core of this movement and more importantly, at the centre of our lives, cooking and sharing food together is the perfect way to slow down, share values and celebrate! Eva and Simon will dive into the principles of slow food and together we will create and enjoy a delicious meal to awaken our senses, gain a new awareness of food and bring intentionality and imagination to our table.

Get ready to visit a local market, choose fresh ingredients and reinvent a simple delicious meal through improvisational cooking. Perhaps as you reinvent and find new ways of cooking you could also reinvent other areas of your life.


With Nadia Molugova

For most of us the concept of "still life" can seem foreign, dated, counterproductive and useless. Culture says we must always be producing, doing, and keeping ourselves busy. But we miss out on so much beauty when we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate what’s right in front of us.

That is our goal for this Still Life workshop. Together we will explore this age-old tradition and practice a variety of dry mediums from pencil to charcoal to chalk pastel. We will dive into the techniques of shading and proportion and discover how to work with the dry mediums provided.

As we take time to observe the installation before us and slowly translate what we see onto paper, may we remember that there is something beautiful, creative and life-giving to be found when we take time to be "still" and appreciate the beauty of life.



With Sandro Tiberi from the Academy of Paper Art

Step into the fascinating world of paper making with master paper maker Sandro Tiberi as your guide. This workshop will challenge your view of paper and invite you to consider it as an active ingredient in the realisation of a final creative work.

You will be presented with raw materials including cellulose, flocculants, and colors and you will learn the refinements of cutting and fibrillation. Together, we will choose the form and canvases in order to better shape the paper, learn sheet manufacturing techniques, and the approach creative techniques whose specific uses paper hides.




April 19th - 24th,



Filottrano, Le Marche,



Early bird registration

 2250 CHF

Registration covers: Welcome gift bag + 5 nights stay (shared room) + all meals, snacks and beverages + all workshops, materials and activities + professional headshots (optional) and the photo gallery documenting the retreat experience. 

Complimentary transport to the retreat location from Ancona airport upon arrival and departure (recommended times of arrival and departure will be communicated upon registration).


If the time of your arrival and departure won't correspond to the suggested time, we might not be able to pick you up and in that case you will need to organize your own transportation.

Register  BEFORE December 28th 2021 to benefit from the early bird discount. Price goes up to 2500 CHF AFTER December 28th 2021. 

We have payment plans available, with only a non-refundable deposit of 500 CHF required to hold your space. Your final balance will be due on February 30th, 2022. 

Proof of negative Covid-19 testing will be required to those attending. 



"The time away was so good for me. Being in a different scenery, with different people was lovely. I loved to be with fellow creatives and going in depth in conversations, the sense of community was so present and refreshing! I loved the beauty present in everything, the house, the meals, the tablescapes, the welcome gift, such a welcoming feeling was created throughout the whole retreat and it was so nourishing for me!!! As an artist, it was great to try new things and to gain input , new ideas, new thoughts on art, creativity and rest. Even being pregnant and really tired, the program was so well put together, that I felt very rested, refreshed and cared for. I absolutely loved my time there! So so beautiful! "






The Poiema Workshop is a learning environment designed to furnish you with the necessary ingredients needed to cultivate a  lifestyle of hope and creativity through artistic expressions.


The goal of this workshop is to explore the therapeutic use of the arts and creativity as a tool that facilitates personal growth and transformation.




1 hour



70 CHF / hour

(material included)




2 hours



175 CHF / hour

(material included)

Requirement: your openness to dive into your intrinsic capacity to create :)